Brazilian Keratin Treatments for Straight Hair-StylesThe key processes of a Brazilian Keratin treatment are a protein coating and heat. First, the natural hair gets coated in a liquid protein solution, dried and straightened with a hot hair straightener. The combination of protein coating and heat breaks down the hair structure creating smooth straighter hair.

Brazilian Keratin treatments are not designed to completely straighten the hair. It’s also not advisable to do too frequently as the heat used can damage hair. It is also hard to colour hair after the treatment. The heat and chemicals used are designed to break down the structure of the hair so it can be damaging to the natural hair. I would suggest not doing a Brazilian Keratin Treatment more than once every five months.

Keratin Hair Treatments in Vancouver

If you are looking for keratin based hair straightening services in Vancouver please feel free to give us a call or stop by our salon to set up an appointment. Ammerose Hair Salon has been doing keratin treatments for straight hair styles for many years and we have experienced technicians, specialized procedures for every hair type and we only use the highest quality keratin based products to achieve stunning results that last.