Dreadlock Hair Styles

Dreadlocks - Vancouver Hair Salon

Looking for Vancouver’s best dreadlocks hair salon? Your search is over. Many of our hair technicians specialize in Dreadlocks hair styles, maintenance and dread repair. We work with all hair types for men and women. Almost any type of hair can be successfully “locked” to create a great dreadlocks look.

We understand that every client has different goals and styles when it comes to creating dreadlocks. We will work with you to create the look and style that you are trying to achieve Both the stylist and client need to understand what technique will work best for a particular type of hair, and also give you an idea how long your particular texture will take to lock. We can also help you understand other procedures that may help produce a desired look such as twisting, palm rolling, looping, back combing and various hair extension techniques.

We always encourage potential clients to visit our salon and talk with one of our hair technicians for a free consultation.

Dreadlock Repair and Maintenance

We do a lot of dreadlock work for our clients and part of that work is maintaining and repairing the dreadlocks. The most common problems we encounter are having to lighten the dreadlocks, repair damaged hair and thicken and re-tighten the roots.

Dreadlocks that are too heavy can cause enough stress to actually pull hair out at the roots. We can help lighten the load! By cutting the dreads shorter or by splitting them down the middle creating two thinner / lighter dreadlocks.

Thinning, unhealthy, brittle and damaged hair may be the cause of your dreadlocks breaking. We can help strengthen your dreadlock roots with a variety of procedures, products and natural remedies. We may suggest the use of a quality hair moisturizer. There are several natural oils that can be used too as well as simple dietary additions that can do wonders for your hair. Chemical based treatments and heat must also be avoided.

Once your hair is in better shape we can start the process of thickening and re-tightening the dreadlocks starting at the root.