Hair Texturizer SalonTexturizers are mild forms of hair relaxers that are designed to take some of the curl out of natural hair. A texturizer would not be used to completely straighten the hair. Texturizers are a chemical based process. We use texturizers for so many of our clients’ hair styles and we are very careful about limiting any potential damage to the natural hair. Over the years we have developed a regime of special texturizer products and application procedures that minimize damage to the hair.

Every type of hair, hair length and hair style can require different texturizer products and application techniques. We have worked with so many different hair types that we can honestly say that we have seen it all.

Vancouver Texturizer Hair Treatments

We are located in the heart of downtown Vancouver and are always happy to take new clients. We are always available for free hair texturizer consultations over the phone and by appointment in person. Feel free to give our salon a call, email or stop by in person and say hi at your convenience.