Texlax Hair Salon in VancouverAre you looking for texlax hair straightening technicians in Vancouver? Ammerose Hair Salon has been doing texlax hair straightening procedures for over 20 years.

Texlax refers to the process of applying a hair relaxer that is not “full strength” making sure the hair does not come out bone straight. Our texlax treatments will leave your hair soft, smooth and with nice manageable volume.

Over the years we have worked with almost every imaginable hair type and style. We have developed specialized texlax products depending on a variety of conditions related to a clients’ hair type and style. Usually texlax relaxers are of a milder strength as we are not trying to achieve a perfectly straight hair style. We use a combination of oils and conditioners to protect your hair from damage and make the process work.

Straight Hair-Style Treatments

We also offer a variety of other hair straightening procedures using texturizers, relaxers and silk press techniques. Getting a straighter hair style depends on so many factors. There may even be new products and procedures that we can show you that can help minimize damage to your natural hair while achieving a stunning new, long lasting and easy to maintain look.

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