Looking for a the best hair relaxer technicians in Vancouver? You have found the right spot! Ammerose Hair Salon has been performing relaxer treatments for over 20 years in the heart of Downtown Vancouver. We specialize in multicultural hair types including all black and African hair types, styles and textures. We only use the best products and techniques so your hair gets the best possible result; perfect, soft, straight beautiful hair.

What is a Hair Relaxer?

Hair relaxers use a variety of chemical and natural ingredients that break down the bonds in the hair to permanently alter a wavy hair texture into a straight one. The active ingredients in relaxers usually consist of sodium, calcium, lithium or guanidine hydroxide. Ammerose Hair Salon utilizes both modern and time tested conditioning relaxer systems dependent on several factors. We use specific relaxer treatments for each type of hair; regular, coarse, fine, coloured, sensitive scalp or multi-cultural textured hair.

Before Treatment

Before Hair Relaxer

After Treatment – Relaxer with Colour

Hair Relaxer Treatment

Hair Relaxer Consultations

An initial consultation can be required to determine and customize the perfect relaxer treatment for your hair type. We are very mindful to use this industries best protective treatments to protect your scalp from any discomfort and also to protect any previously relaxed hair from overlapping. A deep conditioning reconstructor treatment is also given with all relaxer hair treatments.

The entire relaxer hair treatment process takes 1 to 2 hours depending on thickness and length of hair.

Ammerose Hair Salon is always happy to offer free consultations regarding relaxer treatments and hair straightening techniques. Please feel free to stop by and see us or call to setup an appointment.