Weaves are an excellent option for people looking to add length and volume to their hair. Ammerose Hair Salon is Vancouver’s top choice for hair weave services because of our experienced stylists, affordable pricing and our total commitment to making you look your absolute best.

Before and After Hair Weave

Before and After Hair Weave

Before and After Treatment

Hair Weave Salon Vancouver

Hair Weaves – Human and Synthetic Hair

There are many different hair weave products that are made either using synthetic hair or real human hair. The real human hair weaves can be much more expensive but in our experience we have found many high quality synthetic weave products that do a fantastic job.

In this example we have a full net weave with curly hair extensions. These are high quality human hair extensions.


Hair weave options

1. Sew in extensions:

Sew in weave / extensions are a great way to add length and volume to any style. Long strands of real or synthetic hair are sewed on to the clients existing hair. Sew in extensions can last for several weeks with proper care.

2. Clip in Extensions:

Clip in extensions have many benefits including speed of application and ease of removal. Many of our clients use clip in extensions for both everyday use and for special occasions. Clip-ins are essentially strands of real human or synthetic hair with clips at the end of each length. The clips are then applied to a hair weft that sits on the head and has attachment points.

3. Hair Bonding:

With hair bonding a bonding solution (hair glue) is used to apply a section of wefted hair directly on top the clients real hair. Very specialized products are used in both the creation and removal of hair bond styles to prevent damage to the clients real hair. Hair bonds tend to last for about 1 month before they need maintenance. There are several ways in which hair bonding can be applied. Our stylists will have to determine what method will work best depending on a number of circumstances. We are always happy to discuss hair bonding over the phone or at a free consultation.

4. Full Weave:

A full head weave is a weft that is firmly applied onto the clients head using hair weaving techniques.

We are always available by phone or private appointment to discuss all the various hair weave products and possible styles.