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Ammerose Hair Salon is Vancouver’s professional choice for Hair Extensions. Many of our stylists have over 20 years of experience working with multicultural clients to produce the most stylish looks using hair extensions. For us, working with hair extensions is a true pleasure. Hair extensions can be the most challenging, creative and technical aspects of the hair styling profession and this is where Ammerose Hair Salon excels.

All of our combined hair extension experience gives us a great competitive edge over most other hair salons in Vancouver. We have established the best techniques and methods using the finest quality hair extensions and the industries most advanced attachment techniques. Our transparent pricing and free consultations provide our clients with all the information they will need before they sit down in the chair.

And best of all, we love working with hair, we want you to look your best, and we have the best clients in Vancouver. Our salon is professional but we have fun and we are sure you will enjoy the experience.

All Types Of Hair Extensions To Fit Every Budget

We are proud to offer hair extension services to fit every budget. Our highest end hair extensions are created from Remy virgin hair. This means that the hair used to create these extensions has never been coloured, permed, tinted or chemically treated in any way. Virgin hair extensions are carefully hand processed so that the cuticles are perfectly aligned and these virgin hair extensions resist the urge to tangle or mat.

We also have access to the finest quality synthetic hair extensions that are much more affordable but do not compromise the final style.

Hair extensions can be perfectly matched to your own hair colour, curl and texture. Hair extensions can be coloured, permed, highlighted, blow dried and styled in any way you want, and they still behave like your natural hair.

Modern hair style trends are becoming bold, adventurous and more complex incorporating many different techniques to make beautiful custom looks. These daring new cuts are possible in large part because of the access and use of hair extensions.

Hair Extensions offer a risk free way to experiment with new hair styles and are a chemical free way for you to preserve the beauty of your natural hair. Hair extensions can last for many months if professionally done and properly maintained.

Types of Hair Extensions

human hair extensions in Vancouver

Interlocking Hair Extensions

Interlocking Hair Extensions are a procedure where we create tight braids with your natural hair (cornrows or French Braids) and then attach pre-braided hair extensions to this base. The result is a full head of braids or curly hair.

Interlocking hair extensions produce a great look and is a time saving technique. It usually takes about 2 to 3 hours to do a full head. If we were to individually braid the clients natural hair the process could take upwards of 8-10 hours.

Fusion Hair Extensions

Fusion hair extensions offer one of the most versatile and natural looking weaves. Synthetic or real human hair extensions are tipped with a keratin adhesive and fused to the natural hair with heat. Fusion extensions are a more permanent solution that allows for regular hair washing and the use of other hair products to create different styles from day to day.

Fusion hair extensions are a complicated procedure and take time and skill to do well. Our technicians are well versed in fusion extension techniques and would be happy to discuss how we can make fusion hair extensions work for you.

Hair Weaves

Hair weaves are an extension procedure where real human or artificial hair is integrated (“weaved”) with the client’s natural hair. Weaves can be used to produce both a short and long-term styles and can dramatically alter one’s appearance. Weaving can enhance any hair style by adding length, volume and colour without the use of chemical treatments.

Ammerose stylists have been working their entire careers creating amazing styles with the use of full and partial weave techniques. Stop by for a free consultation and see how a weave might be the perfect solution for your next hair style.

Net Weaves

Net weaves are perfect for covering thinning hair and bald spots. A small mesh net is used to cover the affected area with hair extensions being attached to create a “weft”. This weft is sewn into the surrounding hair, covering any problem spots and creating a totally natural look.

We love making our clients’ hair beautiful again with net weaves. They can be used by men and women suffering from alopecia, thinning hair, receding hairlines and baldness. The net itself matches the colour of the human hair and when dome right is virtually undetectable.

Before and After Hair Weave

Curly Hair Weave

Braided Hair Extensions

Braided Hair ExtensionsWe can help transform any hair style into short or long braids with the use of hair extensions or a braided weave. The use of extensions and weaves gives you the ultimate flexibility to have a stunning braided hair style at your convenience.

We also do a lot of braiding work on our clients’ natural hair. You can read more about information about our Vancouver braiding services here.