Medium Braids with Colour
Large Braids with Colour - Pink

We are Vancouver’s hair braiding specialists. For over 20 years Ammerose Hair Salon has performed braiding services for clients with every hair type. We are accustomed to working with clients who’s hair type can be difficult to braid. Don’t worry, our experienced stylists can work with almost any hair type to create your desired braiding style.

When it comes to multicultural and African hair braiding styles the stylists at Ammerose have you covered. Some of braiding styles we specialize in are box braids, cornrows, faux locks, Twists, Yarn braids and micro braids. If your not sure what type of braids would look best, or work well for our hair type don’t hesitate to stop by the salon or give us a call to set up a free appointment.

Braided hair extensions, weaves and wigs can also be an excellent option to achieve a stunning braided hair style that you can wear anytime you feel like. We have many synthetic hair products, braid extensions and wigs available for retail sale. Ammerose Hair Salon is always ready to help you select the perfect hair pieces and we offer the best prices in Vancouver.

As you may very well know some of these styles can be a very time consuming process to complete. We recommend setting up an appointment or calling us to discuss your hair style. Please feel free to call us anytime during business hours. We love talking about braids with our clients!

Braids with Colour

Braids in every style and colour option imaginable. Here are some samples of braiding work we have done with colour and extensions to get the perfect look. We offer Vancouver’s finest hair colouring services for all hair types and styles.

Blonde Braids
Hair Braids with Colour
Braiding Specialists
Long Braids
Vancouver hair braiding studio
African Braids, Small, Red Colour
large pink braids back

Crochet Braids

One of our most popular braiding styles over the past few years has been crochet braids. Great for curly hair types and lots of fun. Our stylists can help you achieve the perfect look from your crochet braids.

crochet braids
crochet braids - back

French Braids

The classic French Braid  is created by taking three sections of hair starting at the crown of the head and working down in a criss crossing pattern towards the nape of the neck. Their are simply endless variations to the french braid. Here we see a double french braiding style, sometimes referred to as “boxer braids”.

Boxer Braids

French Braids

Curly Braids and End Curls

Using your natural hair, or with the use of hair extensions we can give you amazing curly braid hair styles that are simply out of this world. Another popular curly hair braiding technique is braids with end curls. In this look a braided hair strand ends with a natural curl. We have done this technique with short, medium and long hair styles to achieve stunning looks for our clients. We can also add a variety of colours to the curl ends to take this style to the next level.

Straight Braids

From all natural straight braids to straight braids using hair extensions or a combination of both we will give you an unmatched hair-style using straight braiding techniques that is truly special. Our hair straight hair braiding services are the best in Vancouver and were not afraid to say it!

Braids with Wave

Are you looking for a braided hair style with waves? We can help transform your curly hair style into a stunning braided hair style with beautiful flowing waves at the tips.

We use the best hair straightening techniques for your required style so that the braid ends can have a wavy look. Braids are created and we leave the ends with the wavy curls. It’s a truly stunning look and has been a very popular hair style to create in our salon.