Silk Press Hair StraighteningSilk press is the modern day version of a press and curl. A silk press treatment is designed to give your hair-style a natural look similar to what standard hair relaxers would achieve. Silk press allows your natural hair to get a silky texture that allows for a lot of body and movement.

Our silk press procedure uses a specialized flat iron. The hot iron gets fast, high quality results with just one pass. This saves time, making appointments faster and puts less stress on your hair. Gone are the days of the hot comb, which needed a lot of hair oil and more heat and time to work. We also use the highest quality hair serums, conditioners and moisturizing shampoos to further help infuse your hair with beautiful shine, body and silky smoothness and giving you the best possible results for a beautiful silk press.

We have lots of clients that have received silk press treatments over the years. In these pictures you can see the before and after results of a silk press.

A silk press will typically last 2-3 weeks with proper care.

Hot Comb vs. Hot Iron for Hair Straightening

The hot comb is a time-tested and still well used method of hair straightening. Many people still use this technique with excellent results. It uses high heat in combination with hair oils to pull the hair straight.

The hot iron is a more modern tool in hair straightening procedures often called silk press. The hot iron uses two hot plates that are compressed on both sides of the hair and pulled down.

Keeping Your Silk Press Straight:

There are several things you can do to get lasting results for your new hair style extend the life of your silk press.

  • After a silk press it is very important that you keep your hair dry.
  • Wrap your hair at night.

Vancouver Silk Press Treatments

Are you looking for a professional who specializes in silk press hair straightening? At Ammerose hair salon we have been giving our clients incredible results with silky smooth, straight hair styles using the best silk press techniques and products. We always offer free silk press consultations and the best rates for hair straightening services in Vancouver. Please feel free to call our salon or stop by and say “hi” anytime.

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