Japanese Hair StraighteningJapanese hair straightening uses a combination of chemical solutions and flat heat irons to permanently straighten curly hair types. The chemicals and heat break down the protein bonds make up each stand of hair. This process enables curly hair to become straight. The Japanese hair straightening process is also commonly referred to as “thermal reconditioning”.

Japanese hair straightening works best on loose curls or wavy hair types. If you struggle with a flat iron than maybe this is the right hair straightening procedure for you! It is not as good a solution for those with tight curls.

Japanese hair straightening uses a thio (thioglycolate) based relaxer. These are not compatible with the hydroxide based relaxers (sodium, potassium, calcium, or lithium hydroxide) that are very commonly used. It is important to consult with your hair stylist and understand which types of products you have used in previous relaxer treatments before a Japanese hair straightening procedure can be done.

Caring For Your Hair:

You must protect your new straight hair from water and any kind of bending during the days following the procedure. The chemical process works on your hair long after you have left our salon. You have to give the neutralizer many days to absorb oxygen from the air as your hair completes the process of becoming straight.

There are many specialized hair conditions and shampoos that can be used to help maintain the strength and shine your straight hair. We also employ a thermal heat protector to your hair to avoid as much damage as possible during the heat treatment (flat ironing).

Why We LOVE Japanese Hair Straightening

Japanese hair straightening may be the perfect solution to attain the straight hair-style you are looking for. Hassle free straight hair is what this treatment is all about. Straight hair is so much easier to work with and much faster to get ready in the mornings. The hair also dries much faster. This type of hair straightening keeps it form very well in high humidity environments and during physical activity.

  • Turns frizzy and unruly curls into beautiful permanently straight hair.
  • You can use special shampoos and conditioners to wash your hair and the style stays straight.
  • Maintenance of the straightened hair is much less than the original process.
  • Might work on bleached and coloured hair.
  • High quality hair straightening products.

Vancouver Japanese Hair Straightening Salon

Looking for Japanese hair straightening hair treatments in Vancouver? Look no further. Ammerose Hair Salon has been using Japanese based hair relaxers and flat irons to achieve absolutely stunning straight hair styles that stand the test of time for many our clients. If you are interested in how we can help you get the best results for your hair straightening needs please feel free to give us a call, send an email or stop by our downtown Vancouver hair salon at your convenience to set up an appointment.